Our featured artist  this week was Antix whose latest album title mirrors his own philosophy  – Question Everything.

Can anything be free from the scrutiny of questioning? Even apparent certainties, like life and death for example, prompt a myriad of questions around what is actually going on.

The studio wasn’t working but the show had already been delayed by a week and there were people tweeting about it. I was determined to make it happen. So it was with a lot of help (thank you Linden), and some trickery that Chris Paradox and I eventually ended up sitting together on one single leather chair and huddling round a mic and a laptop to explore the subject of questioning. The theme was inspired by our featured artist British rapper – Antix.

Antix was brilliant. In one of his songs ‘Our Father‘ he directly and bravely tackles the issue of child abuse. Topped off by Chris Paradox’s poem ‘The Indestructible Matrix of Pure Space’, it turned out to be a great show. Lo in fi, but very hi in love. Sometimes good things can come when you just trust, no questions. Have a listen.

Faith & Conspiracies

There is faith in hope. Faith by its very essence does not need to be questioned. Even atheists will have said a little prayer at least once in their lives.

When you turn to the issue of questioning to authority though, it’s a different matter. The Government for example should be held accountable for the decisions they make on our behalf. If they’re telling us what to do and we follow blindly then we’re not in the room. We are merely breathing automatons allowing them to follow their own agendas.

But will it do any good? Just how far do you go with the questioning malarkey? Incessant questioning of the powers that be can lead you down some dark places and into conspiracy theory hell.

Questioning carries with it then an intention. Questioning with the intention to expand, learn and be illuminated is positive and active. It can lead to evolution and change. Questioning with fear and mistrust, leads to more fear, paranoia and in extreme cases, total paralysis.

Chris and I agreed that ‘question everything’ is not meant to be taken literally. It really means be open to experience by being present. It’s up to us to raise our eyes to the sky and open ourselves to experience, then use any understanding we gain for the expansion of all.